Our Partnership

We have a gold standard approach to partnership so that you feel led, supported and set up for success. 

Inpulse are not the Amazon of engagement, big and impersonal. If you’re tired of an old-school engagement approach and want to go beyond abstract Engagement Index or ENPS scores, explore how partnering with us will transform your approach to employee engagement.

We partner with you to support your transition to a relevant real-time reflection of employee engagement that you can use to deliver against your strategic objectives, new mission and values.

Our Partnership Journey


Build a roadmap for your survey journey with our Customer Success team.

We set up a kick-off call to introduce our team to yours and take you through the process of developing, delivering and responding to your first Inpulse survey.

Pre-survey planning

We help you launch your first survey with confidence by working with you to develop a detailed project plan. Your dedicated Success Consultant is here to provide full support every step of the way. They will:

  • Help you to develop your engagement strategy, based on your business context and objectives
  • Train you on the Inpulse platform, showing you how to build surveys, drive response rates and analyse your data 
  • Assist you in the creation or selection of survey questions from our professionally-curated library
  • Show you how to drive survey response rates
  • Host manager workshops on how to analyse results and take action
  • Lead you through communicating your findings to your teams and your board
  • Help you read and examine post-survey results analysis

During-survey support

Benefit from on-demand support from our team while your survey is running.

Your dedicated Success Consultant will regularly check in with you during your survey phase, and will be on hand 24/7 should you need additional assistance.

Post-survey reporting

Interpret your survey results with clarity and confidence by drawing on our leading approach to engagement.

We’re able to host presentations to your senior leadership team or executives, and can provide our expert analysis of the results and recommended actions, as well as an external perspective of what we are seeing across all industries.

Based on your results we can provide both ‘quick win’ solutions and longer-term actions. We can also provide one-to-one or group coaching to Executive teams based on the results of your survey.

Optimise your engagement journey

Partnering with the Inpulse team ensures your approach to employee engagement is optimised from the word ‘go’. Be confident about your data so that you can make winning business decisions.


Develop a bespoke listening strategy based on your context, values and key surveys. 


We’ll help you to communicate the new approach to your organisation, with best-practice comms. 


Discover how to get the most out of the Inpulse platform, how to build surveys, drive response rates and analyse data


Compare your survey results to previous data and to others in your industry.

Companies with Engaged Employees Have Five Times Higher Shareholder Returns. Investing In People Is Key.


Partner with Inpulse today for people engagement that really works.