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Survey Creation

All Your Survey Needs In One

Forget using multiple employee engagement online tools – with Inpulse you can create multiple different types of surveys.

Create Unlimited Surveys

However many surveys your company needs, the Inpulse software allows for an unlimited amount of surveys to be created and used.

Easy for your Employees and Managers

Inpulse surveys work across all your devices using its employee engagement online tools, meaning that hardware is not an issue.

Create Surveys in Multiple Languages

Inpulse supports more than 20 languages across the platform.

Universal Accessibility

Create surveys from any device and from anywhere in the world.

Trusted and Secure

Industry-leading data protection and security with high-level SSL encryption.

Create Survey Templates

Re-use previous surveys or create a new template for future surveys.

Multi-level User Management

Customise which users you want access to the survey results and administrator dashboards.

Enterprise Ready

Whether your company has 100 or 500,000 employees, Inpulse serves are built for scale, allowing them to handle tens of thousands of employee surveys and millions of data points with ease.

Experts to Help You Ask the Right Questions

Inpulse’s survey templates combine industry leading questions with our expert input, covering a variety of key topics such as engagement, diversity & inclusivity, and wellbeing.

Measure Topics Relevant To Your Organisation

You can create custom indices to easily track key topics such as D&I, Culture, and Wellbeing across surveys.

Measure Advocacy Across Your Organisation

Use the proven eNPS Net Promoter Score question to track how the promoters, passives, and detractors in your business.

Training Videos

We have a suite of training videos on the Inpulse platform to help your admin users and managers navigate the platform and get the most out of the features and reporting.

Survey Insights and Reporting

All Your Survey Needs In One

Inpulse allows you to create various types of surveys, enabling you to use one platform for all of your online engagement needs.

Bespoke Benchmarking

The platform provides heatmaps across your company showing the themes and sentiment analysis across demographics for deeper, more accurate insights into why your employees are engaged or disengaged.

Powerful Analytics

Instant access to rich ‘at-a-glance’ data with high-level overviews and targeted deep-dives into the data. Inpulse’s reporting features give all users the tools they need to read the story every survey tells.

Engagement Heatmaps

We create a full heatmap across your company showing the themes and sentiment analysis for deeper more accurate and insights into why your employees are engaged or disengaged.

Advanced Segmentation

Rich data segmentation gives you the ability to isolate and analyze specific subsets of your surveys – giving you the ability to make informed decisions at a local level.

Real-time Results

See your results appear in real-time, with clear visualisations of the results that are accessible to all respondents once they have completed the survey.

Comparison Across Surveys

Compare full surveys, segments and/or populations across different surveys.

Track Engagement

Track how engagement changes over time across multiple surveys.

Visualise Your Results

Create a visualisation based on the aggregate results of multiple surveys.

Customised Manager Dashboard

Empower your managers to take action immediately by choosing what metrics to show on the dashboard.

Create Trust with Transparent Results

We make sure everyone has access to the results instantly so you can focus on taking action, having a conversation in the moment, and improving the employee experience. All of this builds trust and widens ownership of actions.

Target Specific Populations

Real-time response rates allow you to track survey participation across demographics and teams, letting you know where to target to improve response rates and gather the most complete data.

Gain a Picture of the Full Employee Experience

Through the use of our employee lifecycle surveys (onboarding, exit) and pulse surveys, our Employee Experience report will give you a full picture of how your people feel during different points throughout the employee lifecycle.

Survey Action and Partnership

Dedicated Partnership Manager

Your dedicated Customer Success Team has all the employee engagement skills, techniques, and project management experience you’ll need to make sure you gather the best data and take the right action.

Identify Key Themes with Text Analysis

Thematic & Semantic themes from employee comments are identified using the platform’s bespoke machine algorithm, saving you time scrolling through hundreds and thousands of comments and providing you with focused action points to discuss in your conversation.

Create Unlimited Reports

However many surveys your company needs, the Inpulse software allows for an unlimited amount of reports to be created and used.

PowerPoint Downloads

Instantly present the results to key stakeholders using a customized PowerPoint presentation.

Spreadsheet Downloads

Have full control over your results with Excel spreadsheet downloads.

Discover Your Engagement Index Report

Employee engagement feedback can be reviewed by your team constantly, helping you ensure you’re always creating a better employee experience.

Assign and Track Clear Actions for Management

Segmentation of results allows for conversations and actions to take place at a local level. Managers are given a step-by-step guide for how to follow up on the results, have a conversation with their team, and drive actions to follow up.

Management Workshops

Inpulse line manager workshops/webinars equip leaders to have meaningful and impactful conversations.

External benchmarking

External benchmarking is available on the Inpulse platform to understand how you compare within the wider context. The benchmarking can be broken down by industry and company size.

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