Employee Engagement Survey Platform

Discover how your people feel and why with our survey platform

The Inpulse platform drives our survey dashboard, giving you instant access to real-time results, powered by class-leading artificial intelligence.

Full Suite of Survey Types and Templates

Inpulse covers all survey types from employee engagement to diversity and inclusion, and from wellbeing to change management.

Award Winning Emotional Analytics

Use our platform to uncover the dominant emotions provoking problems like disengagement, poor culture and high staff turnover.

Emotion drives behaviour. Inpulse helps you address the source of your people-related problems. The AI technology that powers our survey platform scans and categorises all survey responses into key emotional themes, giving you crucial insights that can drive a successful engagement strategy.

World Class Artificial Intelligence

Inpulse is the global leader in AI-powered emotional analytics

What our AI does:

Reveal hidden emotions in your organisation

Our AI technology avoids the possibility of human interference, human error, and imprecise interpretations. Rest assured your results are transparent and exact.

Give real-time insights to your team

Our AI technology scans and categorises all responses immediately, giving feedback in reports that can be shared with managers at company, division and team levels.

Measure engagement intelligently

By focusing on employee emotions it helps you to drive engagement where it matters most, by targeting the source of any issues in your organisation.

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