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Use our guides to find out how to choose the right people success platform, how to create an employee engagement survey and why your approach to diversity and inclusion makes a difference.

Free Guide: Retention – How To Keep Good People

The world of work has moved from the Information Age to the Social Age. Now, more and more people come to work for belonging, connection and purpose. 

In this free guide, discover:

  • The changing nature of recruiting and retaining the skills and talent you need
  • The growing importance of understanding and connecting with individuals
  • The power of engagement in driving retention and how to maximise its impact

and more.

For the last couple of years, there’s been a gradual shift in the way leaders engage and lead their people.

In our free guide, discover:

  • How to take an empathetic approach to engagement
  • How to develop a people-first culture
  • How to harness Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • How to release employees as brand ambassadors

and more.

Free Guide: Conducting an Employee Engagement Survey

Discover how Emotional Analytics can answer:

  • How do employees actually feel about working for our company and why?
  • How do teams feel about their line managers?
  • What do employees feel about the recent changes in the organisation?
  • What do employees feel about management’s approach to their wellbeing?

Free Guide: Diversity & Inclusion Surveys

Learn how to address and improve diversity and inclusion within your organisation.

Go beyond representation of minority group employees, and penetrate six key areas, for the improvement of D&I, including culture, organisational structure, leadership, belonging, opportunity and trust.

Free Guide: Conducting an Employee Engagement Survey

Learn how to conduct an employee engagement survey.

Learn to extract the most valuable data about your people, for the purpose of improving productivity, performance and profit, improving recruitment and retention of talent and more.

Discover how best to implement change with the support and commitment of your people, and how to save time, costs and avoid error.

Free Guide: How to Choose the Right People Success Platform

Mapped out an employee engagement strategy and now looking to take the next step?

Start by exploring engagement platforms best suited to your business. In the guide you will learn why it’s important for an engagement platform to align to your needs, goals and vision, learn what to look out for to ensure sure you’re at the cutting edge of engagement (tech, support and more) and discover the four most important factors to consider before choosing an engagement platform.

Free Guide: Measuring Emotional Wellbeing for Employees

Discover the wellbeing framework – the seven areas critical to improved engagement and wellbeing and uncover the science behind measuring engagement and wellbeing.

Learn to extract the most valuable data about your people, for the purpose of reducing absenteeism, remedying workplace culture and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Free Guide: Leading Your Company Through Change

Discover the psychology of change from a business and people perspective, the ‘Head Heart Hands’ model and Bridges Transition Model of transformational leadership and Inpulse’s six step approach to managing change and transformation in the most effective and efficient way.

Walk away with tangible insights and actions that can be immediately implemented, and which we guarantee you’ll see positive results from.

Free Guide: Engaging and Developing a High Performing Remote Team

Most managers lack the skills to manage a remote team, never mind engage and develop a high-performing remote team.

Effective remote leadership demands a change in management and communication style which most managers have never had to learn, nor exercise – until now.

Discover comprehensive tips and techniques for managing, engaging and developing high performing remote teams created in collaboration with our founder, Matt Stephens, and learn how to lead charismatically from afar, and improve employee engagement, productivity, performance and team culture and morale.