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Inpulse 360 is our revolutionary approach to 360 leadership surveys, giving you powerful insights into your emotional culture and employee engagement.

Transforming leadership improves engagement. Discover the deep correlation between engagement and the capability of line managers to lead their teams by taking advantage of Inpulse’s unique 360 leadership survey approach. 

Benefit from a unique focus on emotional climate

Discover the emotional impact your leaders have on your people – after all, how they feel is their strongest motivator.

Our Inpulse360 Leadership Surveys put emotions front and centre, so you’ll be able to see whether your leaders are developing a healthy emotional climate or not, and be able to take action to support them.

Review business-wide league tables

Broaden your view of your leaders by going beyond individuals and their teams.

With our intuitive results dashboard, you can achieve a clear focus for where further support is most needed. You’ll be able to see at a glance the correlation between leadership scores and employee engagement, and be able to go deeper at every stage to discover where change is most needed.

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Personalised Manager Reports

Give your managers direct insight into their survey results, revealing blind spots and hidden strengths in their leadership.

You’ll help them grow self-awareness and build a resilient culture for your growing teams.

Gain insights that support action

Our survey results are delivered hand-in-hand with detailed, personalised action plans.

Benefit from our engagement expertise and give your managers a clear idea of how they can grow and improve.

You can develop further with our comprehensive coaching options, too.

Personalise Your Survey For Your Business

Our 360 surveys are fully customisable – meaning you can choose which leadership capabilities you choose to measure.

You’ll also take advantage of our industry-leading Artificial Intelligence to understand free-text responses in a clear and unbiased way.

Our experienced team will partner with you to help you deliver 360 surveys

With 20 years in leadership consultancy and employee engagement, Inpulse’s team of specialists will work closely with key stakeholders to ensure your 360 survey process goes smoothly.

Our approach is management-friendly, giving you high-level insights into how your employees are feeling, and what you can do about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 360 leadership survey?

A 360 survey helps assess your people who are in leadership roles. The survey is completed by an individual’s direct reports, peers and manager(s) to give a complete picture of their performance. This 360-degree vision enables keen insight into key strengths and areas for growth. Inpulse360 is a revolutionary approach which integrates the emotional climate a leader creates, leading to better insight and more decisive action.

How do I implement a 360 survey?

To implement a 360 survey with 360 survey software, you first need to establish which competencies you want to assess. Inpulse’s platform starts with an industry-standard set of leadership skills to review, with the potential for you to customise which leadership capabilities you want to measure. You’ll then need to communicate effectively with your people – we partner with you to help you achieve excellent response rates from your employees.

How to take action after a 360 survey

Taking action using the results of a 360 survey might not look like immediate change. Instead, you’ll want to construct a structured plan to provide support where required and celebrate success in other areas. Inpulse’s survey software includes personalised action plans for every leader to implement for themselves and for their people.

What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement is a measurement of how engaged your people are – the more engaged your employees, the better motivated they are to work effectively and take pride in their work. Employees with better engagement stay longer, work harder and speak more positively about their employer. Inpulse has a unique focus on emotions at the core of our employee engagement platform, and by measuring how your people feel and why we’re able to give you better insight into how you can improve your employee engagement.

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