How to Choose the right People Success Platform for You and Your People

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Measuring people metrics such as employee engagement and wellbeing has become one of the most important HR strategies of the decade – and now more than ever, businesses are eager to learn more about their people and create the best possible environment for performance. 

In a study conducted by Gallup, only 33% of employees reported they felt engaged at work. Which is probably why, 71% of managers felt employee engagement was a key driver of overall company success, according to study. 

The digital era has transformed the working landscape, shifting employee needs and amplifying competition for employers. This is why employers are longing to gain insight into how their people feel so that they can improve their working experience, and unlock their potential. 

When people strategies are driven by the needs of the people, employers are able to mitigate threat and improve all people-centric functions. Talent retention and recruitment becomes easier; workplace culture, productivity, performance and profit is greatly improved, and even an increase in customer satisfaction can be expected, amongst many other benefits. 

What is employee engagement and wellbeing?

Employee engagement

Employee engagement refers to an employee’s feelings, attitude and behaviour towards their job and the organisation they work for. Engaged employees perform 2x better than those who aren’t; are 87% less likely to seek employment elsewhere, and organisations with a highly engaged workforce experience 41% less absenteeism.

Employee wellbeing 

Employee wellbeing is concerned with employee health and happiness; it is essentially, the nurturing and maintenance of an individual’s physiological and psychological health to ensure they’re in the best possible mindset/position to perform. 

Wellbeing and engagement are co-dependent; the one cannot work without the other. Wellbeing improves engagement; and the management and maintenance of employee engagement relies on the management and maintenance of wellbeing. 


“An engaged employee will go the extra mile and perform at their best without wanting or expecting recognition or credit,

but in order to do this successfully, they must be in good physical, mental and emotional health.”


The four most important factors to consider when choosing a people success platform 

Surveys should be personalised and aligned to your business values, mission and vision 

No two people-success platforms are the same, even if they measure same or similar people metrics, such as employee engagement and wellbeing. One of the most important factors of the entire process, is the freedom to personalise your surveys so that you’re able to penetrate areas that are a concern to you and your business, and which impact your values, mission and vision. 

No two businesses are the same, and therefore, a personalised approach to measuring people success is crucial. Our Inpulse people success platform and surveys are fully personalised, giving you the freedom to measure what is most important to you.

It should be easy to navigate 

Measuring people metrics is an invaluable exercise, which is why you wouldn’t want a single factor to deter managers and employees from using it. Many times, unfamiliar technologies, in this case, a people success platform, may bring about fear in people who are either less tech-savvy, or who have little time to ‘learn’ and navigate a new platform. We at Inpulse have been especially careful in this regard, having created a platform that anyone, with any level of technical skill can use and enjoy. 

The results should be transparent amongst managers and employees 

Surprisingly, not all people success platforms are transparent with results. Some only present results to managers and executive staff. We at Inpulse value transparency because we believe it aids in the improvement of employee engagement and wellbeing, and therefore boosts productivity, performance, culture and more. Transparency creates alignment and strengthens communication, ensuring the entire business – from bottom to top, is aware of the organisational areas that need improving, and understands what it will take to achieve these goals and objectives. 

Does the people success platform put your people at the heart of its approach? 

Measuring your people metrics means very little if it is not measuring how your people feel; because this is where the true, highly-useful data lies. People’s feelings and emotions are reflective of their experience and can provide invaluable insight into areas of concern within your business – while revealing information about how you can address it in order to build a high-performing environment. 

P.S Did you know we’re taking our people success platform to the next level?

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