The Right Approach To Employee Engagement and Wellbeing For A New World.

Covid-19 has impacted businesses immensely: financially, organisationally, and even physically.

Sudden, threatening changes significantly affect your people – and when your people are affected, your business is too.

You may have experienced:

  • slow productivity, performance and profit
  • a change in workplace culture – risking long-term damage
  • struggles with retaining and recruiting talent
  • weakened communication
  • a loss of team morale

..and more

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Employee engagement and wellbeing can help you to thrive again.

Your Covid-19 Recovery Plan

Inpulse surveys measure employee engagement and emotional wellbeing together. Our AI analyses their feedback, providing you with insights to improve all people-centric aspects of your business.

Make the most rewarding people decisions based on hard-data straight from the source: your people.

  • Have confidence you are using the latest approach to engagement and wellbeing
  • A trusted framework used by global companies including DLA Piper, Nestle, Balfour Beatty, Heathrow and
  • The best engagement platform combined with the most supportive customer success team

The Road To Recovery Must Bring Employee Engagement And Wellbeing Together

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Regular Quick Wellbeing Check-ins On Your Remote Workforce

Providing employees an anonymous and frequent opportunity to share how they feel and why will Improve the health of the organisation by tracking emotional wellbeing.

Weekly Insight Reports For HR Teams & Senior Leadership

Track, monitor and act instantly on issues of isolation, fear, anxiety, loss of productivity and take action that prioritises your people’s emotions & well being. Provide and sign-post senior leaders to specific strategies and/or specialised support and services to help with particular outcomes from the survey.

Managers’ Dashboards To Provide Practical Insights To Best Support Their Teams

Managers can use the weekly results to act as the basis for honest and open discussions in team meetings. Their dashboards show unique insights on their teams emotions and wellbeing and give practical guidance for managers to show compassion, empathy and acknowledgement for individual concerns where it matters most.

Industry Leading Wellbeing & Engagement Framework

Send your surveys out with confidence, with questions curated by Nuffield Health and Dr Amy Bradley. Created specifically for the new challenges and emotional impact of remote working to give you and managers the tools you need to tell a story of teams sharing and showing compassion and care that will help maintain team unity in a time of change.

Improve Employee Performance, Even During Fast Changing Times

This is the time to show what kind of company you are, one that cares, wants to listen and make sure their people are coping with the uncertain times and to be in touch with your people by really listening, showing empathy and acknowledging individual concerns.

We care about helping your people to thrive, wherever they are!

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We’ve been tracking engagement with remote teams for 10+ years

Emotions and wellbeing are at the heart of all our surveys

Facilitated over 1.2m surveys responses to date


Automated weekly insight report sent to the HR team – available online, PDF or Powerpoint download

Fast-track setup within 24hrs

A dedicated Inpulse engagement specialist to call for any questions you have

Wellbeing check-in surveys ready to go

Survey up to 100k employees

Dedicated Manager dashboard

Multiple languages

Set up in 24 hours

Just provide us with a simple Excel sheet of your employees.

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Low Cost, High Value

NEW! As part of Inpulse’s COVID-19 Response
Pay per survey with no Annual subscription

Flexible subscription: weekly, monthly or quarterly

Simple one-page rolling contract

From 100 – 100k employees

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