Emotions Drive Behaviour, Wherever You Work

Employee Engagement

Emotions drive behaviour, even for the most logical of us.  That’s why Inpulse starts by understanding how people feel and why they feel that way.  Emotions have a massive impact on engagement and Inpulse helps you be clear on what they are and, where needed, what needs to happen to shift them.

For people to settle on decisions that they will stick with and see through, the decision needs to make sense both emotionally and logically things.  It’s a common mistake to believe that engineers and practical workers are less swayed by emotion than anyone.  One engineering leader said to us, ‘we are engineers, we don’t do emotions’.

But our work in constructions show this to be wrong – emotions can run high and people’s engagement is strongly influenced by their team relationships, how their managers treat them and the extent to which they feel valued. Inpulse helps give insight into these areas and starts a conversation with people in which it’s ‘ok’ to discuss feelings and what influences them.  Our surveys in construction regularly highlight high levels of personal commitment to doing a great job and getting things right.  By helping show what people value, we can demonstrate where a construction business can focus attention for most impact.

Master Engagement Throughout the Employee Lifecycle