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Don’t lose them at hello… 

Surely every company wants stories and conversations that connect people? You’d be surprised!  

Emotion as well as facts 

Every company has a tone of voice. Not every company manages it to be consistent and to act as a guide for better internal communication. 

That’s what we aim to achieve with our tone of voice programme: a consistent and inspiring tone of voice across all internal communications at your company 

If we’re really honest with you, many companies existing tone of voice has little of the “wow!” they aspire to as a CompanyMy experience is that when they write to internal audiences, they seem to adopt a different personality, becoming more formal, somewhat bland and impersonal. They lose human warmth and emotion. 

We’re determined to change that. And in particular weve drawn inspiration, the spark you might say, from helping company’s as diverse as Allied Irish bank to Heineken, harness their vision, purpose and behaviours to shape their tone of voice and internal storytelling. 

You begin… 

…with your Company’s purpose. This is at the heart of everything you do, so it makes sense that it should be at the heart of your internal tone of voice. 

We know you want Stories and conversations that connect people and your tone of voice can help that. 

Tell a story – try it like this 

Stories are how we remember; we tend to forget lists and bullet points. 

But how do you tell a story? Don’t hide your stories behind factsbring stories to the forefront of your communications, letting facts support the story.  

We can provide you with 3-4 storytelling approaches as prompts to your own thinking and writing and to help managers locally.  

So why not get in touch today we’d love to share some of our stories about how we’ve helped clients massively improve how engaged their people are, understand their strategy more clearly and improve how it feels to work at their organisation, just by changing their tone of voice.

Master Engagement Throughout the Employee Lifecycle