The Elephant In The Room

Employee Engagement

Having spent the last year out and about meeting prospective clients, I found that most companies I visited undertake an annual survey. I have written previously on the issues that can arise with big once-a-year surveys, however, what I was surprised by was that many of these companies view the annual survey as the pinnacle of their employee engagement.  Rather than seeing the survey as a step in a process, they saw it as an end in itself.  

I think everyone can agree that a year is far too long a time to wait to gather employee feedback and the survey should be seen as the beginning of engagement not the end! 

Interestingly, a well known US survey company, one that likes to ask a specific amount of questions whose name begins with G, found that many companies create surveys that only satisfy what the Directors want to hear rather than seeking to understand their employees’ engagement. 

We want to call out the elephant in the room and make it clear that getting feedback from employees once a year is at best ignorant and at worst willful disregard for engagement.   

At Inpulse we work with you to create fast, tailored surveys. We act as an external conscience, that will ask the hard questions, and then help you with the next stage of engagement – what to do with the results.  

We’re proud to support companies like Zurich, Balfour Beatty and Nuffield Health that are brave enough to invest in engagement throughout the year with Inpulse. We work with companies that are invested in making engagement an ongoing conversation rather than a once a year event.

Master Engagement Throughout the Employee Lifecycle