How To Foster Your Culture In The Construction Industry

Employee Engagement

Culture is about the way an organisation gets things done.  It’s a key issue in construction as we know from our work with two large construction businesses- Kier Group and Balfour Beatty.

Having the right culture means being clear on the behaviours needed from people, and helping people to live them. This means working with employees to help them understand when in their working day they have the opportunity to demonstrate these behaviours and what the right behaviours look like. Key to this is listening to what people are saying – it’s no good saying that people must be innovative if they don’t really know what this means or feel that they have the opportunity to do so.  Inpulse has helped these organisations shine a light on how people feel and be clear on the barriers they face to bringing the culture to life. It offers a fast, transparent way to open a conversation with people about the culture and highlight quickly what needs to happen to enable cultural shift.

Inpulse also enables employees to help shape behaviours and be part of the process of developing the culture. Even if they work in remote areas, they can be part of the conversation and see their fingerprints on what is developed. The surveys will also show where values and behaviours required by the business may be at odds with those of individuals, so that action can be taken before this becomes and bigger problem and good people leave.

Master Engagement Throughout the Employee Lifecycle