A millennial perspective

Employee Engagement

As a graduate, many of my peers have entered into large organisations. One frustration the majority of them have raised is the feeling of being ignored and unappreciated- they feel their voice is not heard because they are not in senior positions. Even worse it has impact on their trust of the organisation. 

It’s so refreshing to be part of a company that seeks to address this common feeling amongst so many employees, and is proactively promoting transparency and engagementIn my opinion and as a millennial myself, the demand for innovation, transparency, and immediate action will only increase. Inpulse, our dynamic, real-time app which takes the pulse of an organisation at an event or in the workplace, provides an effective approach to improving employee engagement and performance. 

Throughout university the general presumption of the post graduate dream was to work for a large organisation. I am now working with huge companies such as ASOS, Balfour Beatty and Kier from the outside and am excited to see them progress as they use Inpulse! 

As a Partnership Manager for Inpulse I work closely with all of our clients, and have found each client has a different purpose and intention for using Inpulse.  

So I thought it might be useful to explain 3 ways Inpulse has been used: 


Certain clients have used Inpulse as a tool for benchmarking throughout an employee programme, e.g. a Graduate Scheme. Benchmarking has also been utilised during change, when an organisation or department have been in a transitional period. During these times Inpulse has been employed to measure employees’ feelings; allowing the Manager(s) to address issues in the moment and track the emotional journey of the department or organisation.   

2. Pulse Surveys; 

Many of our clients have implemented regular pulse surveys within departments. For example, one of our clients is surveying each department quarterly, assigning 3 or 4 departments to undertake a survey each month. This approach has allowed the whole of the organisation to be surveyed, yet on a micro-scale; allowing the manager to tailor their response to their specific department. 

3. Events; 

Events are a fantastic opportunity to measure engagement. At a previous event Inpulse illustrated the journey of the attendants; at the beginning of the Leadership event a large proportion of attendants were “curious” and “apprehensive”, yet as the event progressed the dominant emotions became “inspired” and “proud”. I love this, as it perfectly demonstrates the effectiveness of the event in engaging employees with the vision, and motivating them for the year ahead. 

For my friends and I choosing a tool like Inpulse, as a way of measuring engagement at an event, in the workplace, to understand how employees feel, and let their voice be heard and acted upon – is really a no brainer! 

Master Engagement Throughout the Employee Lifecycle