4 End-of-year function ideas great for culture!


So the office ‘party’ is not the way to go this year, but that doesn’t mean the fun is cancelled. It’s the end of another long year, it calls for celebration!

Many organisation’s also view the end-of-year function as a great way to reinforce the company culture, especially as they approach the new year. Since the beginning of the pandemic, culture has been on every organisation’s radar; it’s one of the areas most affected by change and changing employee emotions. 

In an attempt to at least maintain a positive company culture most organisation’s have not only increased the number of pulse surveys they do, but have also looked for more ways to get people together (albeit, virtually), and to create connections between people. 

Take your end-of-year function as an opportunity to stimulate a positive company culture, as well as to remind your people why your organisation is a great one to be a part of. Here are Inpulse’s top ideas for end-of-year functions great for culture. 

A talent show

It’s not often that people get to see the other side of their coworkers. Most people think they know the person working alongside them, but often they only know the ‘work persona’. There’s a certain workplace facade that almost all employees adopt and an office talent show breaks through that, revealing the person behind the workplace persona. Remember what we say about organisations seeing their people as people first, so this helps encourage your people to show who they are and what they enjoy outside of work. 

Charity fundraiser ‘party’ 

Millennials and Gen Z’s in particular are ‘activists’; they stand up for social matters and they appreciate their employers doing the same. But no matter the generation, doing good feels good and no one would turn down the opportunity to do good! Most people also believe organisations hold a certain level of responsibility to help make the world a better place, and to be a part of an organisation that acknowledges their privilege and power and does good with it, goes a long way for employees. Infact, it can even improve retention and recruitment! A charity fundraiser office party could include many exciting games and competition between teams – you can really get creative with it, all while demonstrating your values, creating connections, improving culture, and bidding farewell to the year! 

An interactive art class 

If you read our previous blog articles, or even our regular emails, you’d have learnt that GenZ’s appreciate employers who encourage a work-life balance and who support them in their hobbies outside of work. While we only got this data from the GenZ’s we researched, we’re pretty confident all generations would appreciate this from their employer. With this in mind, we’d suggest your organisation encourages your people to take up hobbies – maybe painting?! This way your end of year function is not only fun and immersive, but stimulates creativity and pushes your people to explore different practices/hobbies. You could turn this one into a competition – everyone is tasked with painting the same picture and the best artwork gets hung up in the office. 

Karaoke Contest 

Karaoke is a fun singing contest – no one has to be good at it to participate – although hold thumbs they’re bearable! Karaoke is just one of those things that gets people laughing, having fun and allows everyone to let their hair down and have fun. If not singing, people are dancing. It’s a great way to get everyone involved and having a good time. The goal is to get people to connect and people always connect with each other when they’re able to show their true selves, laugh with others and just have a good time without judgment. 

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