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A New Approach to Diversity and Inclusion

For decades (and still today), diversity and inclusion in the workplace has been addressed from the top down, led and communicated by people who’ve never experienced racism or exclusion.

It’s meant using a survey that focuses solely on representation, forgetting crucial areas and attitudes that define the true meaning of diversity and inclusion.

Surveys led by your diverse employees


Our ‘outline’ Diversity and Inclusion Survey enables you to understand where you are on the journey of removing structural racism. The survey also measures five other key factors identified in collaborative discussions.


We involve your diverse employees during the development of your survey questions. We ask what positive change would look like to your people, and what questions need to be asked to cultivate a healthy workplace.


Finally our Diversity and Inclusion surveys ask everyone, ‘What question(s) do we need to ask that we haven’t asked that will bring change to your organisation?’

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Lucie Colt, Engagement Specialist

We focus on six key areas

We avoid focusing solely on measuring representation of employees’ ethnicity but on all areas of racial equality in all key areas of a business – including structure, opportunity, culture, belonging, leadership and trust.

We place a unique focus on Emotional Analytics

We take a holistic approach to measuring D&I (as we do in all our surveys). We place a unique focus on emotional analytics, investigating employee feelings and emotions. When you understand what your people feel, you’ll understand what needs to change.

We encourage dialogue

We don’t believe in a fixed process, as every company is different. We encourage a flexible, collaborative process centred on dialogue. We believe solutions are found and change is driven when companies listen, learn and have meaningful conversations with their people, particularly those who have experienced racism or racial inequality.

Understand where you are, and where you need to be using our outline D&I survey

We offer the only diversity survey that lets you know where you are starting from and the stages you need to take to get to the end goal – a workplace free from structural racism.

Demographic Customisation

Use demographic customisation and our industry leading heatmaps to highlight disparities between groups. Know whether underrepresented groups feel that decisions are fair, their voices are heard, there are equal opportunities, and whether they feel a sense of belonging.

Compare Your Results

See how your results compare to other companies with the diversity and inclusion benchmark. Use the context of other companies’ performance to understand your results. And use the comparisons to shape your inclusion priorities.

Empower Everyone to Take Action

Ensure local teams are equipped to take action based on the applied experience of all of our customers and research-driven recommendations. Plus get the support of our customer success and people science teams along the way.

Our experienced team will partner with you to help you uncover the truth about Diversity and Inclusion in your business.

Our approach is management-friendly, giving you high-level insights into how your employees are feeling, and what you can do about it.

Work with us to discover the insights you need to address Diversity and Inclusion in your workplace.

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