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Activating Leaders for Engagement

Redefining your approach to engagement at every level of your organisation

This programme connects Inpulse’s Engagement Experts with senior colleagues from within your organisation to help shape the next phase of your engagement strategy.

Our three-stage process will audit your current context and approach to engagement, define a new approach and action a plan by mobilising your leaders and managers.


After this four-week programme, together we will have developed and begun the activation of your engagement strategy in order to help you become the organisation you want to be. 

Exec Alignment

Struggling to make an impact with your Exec?

A programme to align your exec team and business priorities to the engagement strategy and approach.

We’ll deliver a two-hour session with the project team to devise a presentation summarising your engagement strategy. We’ll then facilitate a one-hour session with your Exec to help mobilise them as advocates for your new, transformative approach to engagement.


An Exec team and key leaders that understand your engagement strategy, how it links to key business priorities and the role they play in adopting a transformative approach.

Precision from Inpulse

The idea that data is all you need to improve engagement is completely false

Precision is Inpulse’s latest AI-powered programme, blended with our team’s expertise, designed to provide greater focus.

Precision gives you insight into which of your survey questions have the biggest influence on your Engagement Index, and how many people need to be shifted in order to change it. Precision will tell you which business areas to focus on to have the greatest impact on your engagement.


A clear story, backed up by data, which means your Exec are 10x more likely to take action.

Narrative Report

What do we do will all our engagement data?

A narrative report that highlights the key stories from your latest engagement survey with actionable insights, external benchmarking and industry best practice.

Includes a narrative summary – telling the story from your data – with breakdown by segmentation demographics where applicable. Incorporates our external perspective (benchmarking, trends we are seeing) and our recommended actions and next steps.


A working document built by employee engagement experts that gives you the information and expertise to deploy change programmes that leaders love and actually move the needle!

Exec Presentation

In need of a unique voice?

Leverage the experience of our leadership team to help deliver your stories in a way that resonates with your Exec team.

Using your Narrative report, we will present our expert analysis of the results and recommended actions (‘quick wins’ solutions and longer term actions), as well as an external perspective of what we are seeing across all industries.


An honest and transparent delivery of your employee engagement story. By being a critical friend, we will ensure that the data you are surfacing is heard through an unbiased lens to deliver the most impact.

Bringing your data to life

What is all this data telling us?

Are there red flags in your organisation or business units that need a deeper understanding of their data?

A one-hour virtual deep dive into outlier results for teams, managers or company. We help to devise a story/narrative, create discussion, and agree areas of focus/action.


A deeper understanding of specific areas within your business with tailored actions that help you align that business unit to your strategic goals.

Manager Action Session

My managers need help!

Make the most of your engagement surveys and inspire your managers to be the leaders of the future and drive meaningful change.

This session is designed to equip and inspire managers when preparing for and running engaging team conversations about their results, including focusing them on locally owned actions.


A more effective manager population that are able to listen to their colleagues, inspire change and foster an environment of honest and open engagement.


Leading and Engaging Employees in the 21st Century

Leading now and in the future is oriented more towards the understanding of human behaviour and motivation than ever before.

While delivery and performance remain the priority, the emphasis for leaders achieving this through and with a highly engaged team has never been more important.

This course will give you the skills and tactics required to lead in the 21st Century.

Leading the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Agenda Through Employee Engagement

Making a difference to our workplaces to ensure that everyone feels included and a sense of belonging is of paramount importance.

We start with what it means to feel included and explore practical ways leaders can build the conditions for everyone to thrive in this overview programme to refresh and revitalise your growing leadership practice in this critical area.

This course will set your leadership team up with practical ways to make a meaningful difference with your ED&I strategy.

Leading Engagement Through Change

Much emphasis is placed on agility in modern organisations.  Agility in programmes, agility of workforce – but what does it mean to lead with an agile mindset and be responsive to continuous change?

This programme focuses on the leadership characteristics of effectiveness through change and how to bring your team with you.

This course will empower your leaders with the skills needed to lead organisations and departments through change.

Tailored Advisory Service

Our Tailored Advisory Service meets you where you are as we share our extensive experience to collaborate and partner with you for long term benefits and results. 

Our bespoke consultancy engagements are built around solving real world problems that your business faces. We will provide you with bespoke solutions and practical strategies to deliver against your organisational goals

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