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The transport industry is falling behind all other industries, with the positive population 15% smaller than the global average


The negative employee population in the transport industry is larger than average by 16%


In the key area of recognition, transport employees are 28% less confident that great work will be recognised


Transport Industry

A public transport company – comprised of several companies (OpCos) that operate across the UK – has seen an increase of 36% in engagement over the past five years.

Railway station

Engaging Drivers

Since partnering with Inpulse in early 2022, a large transport company has seen a significant shift in employee engagement.

People Insights

Ever wondered the real reasons why people leave companies and what the fundamental emotions are that impact retention? We’ve gained incredible people insights in your industry to help answer those questions.

Tried-and-Tested Strategies

We’ve developed proven engagement strategies that have helped one client improve engagement by 34% over the last four years – a huge increase!

Industry Benchmarking

Take advantage of our internal and external benchmarks – helping you understand what good looks like and where you are against your peers

Thought Leadership

With Inpulse, take advantage of opportunities to listen to thought leadership from the best in your industry

Network and Connect

Take part in our regular industry-specific webinars and networking events

Deal with the widespread negativity in your workplace culture

Create an intentional culture of appreciation to ensure people feel valued for their contributions to the organisation and also as individuals. The organisation, through its leaders and managers, must demonstrate that its people are its greatest asset and therefore that looking after and appreciating people is a business priority.

Listen to Employees and Ensure They Feel Heard

Give full attention to the speaker and practice ‘listening to hear and understand’ rather than ‘listening to respond’. Playing back what you’ve heard and asking clarifying questions allows for mutual understanding and supports people to feel valued and heard.

Reduce the Spans of Control of Your Line Managers

Look for ways to reduce the number of people reporting to each manager to enable them to connect with their team and carry out management responsibilities that are essential to having an engaged team, such as providing support and showing care for people’s wellbeing and development. 

Develop a Well-Considered Communications Plan

Provide people with a clear explanation as to why and how changes are happening. The communications should emphasise that any changes are taking place to improve ways of working and thus be a benefit to the people and the company. 

‘The transport industry is under great financial pressure following the pandemic and the disputes about pay, terms and conditions, and job cuts make employee engagement more challenging yet more crucial than ever before.’
Jodie Harrison, Transport Employee Engagement Specialist

Employee Engagement in the Transport Industry

Discover the key challenges facing the transport industry, what we’ve learned from our client data and how you can be proactive in raising the level of engagement from your people.


Connecting with Offline Colleagues

Learn how you can effectively engage with your offline workers through enhancing communication, ensuring accessibility, connecting through conversation and maintaining ongoing involvement.


Improving Retention through Hygiene and Motivation Factors

Improve your retention in a post-pandemic workplace.

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