Employee Engagement Ideas for your Remote Team

If managing remote teams is new to you and your business, it’s important to remember that keeping your people engaged is the answer to successfully moving through change. Engaged employees improve productivity and performance, company culture, and business success. And, just as employee engagement is of critical importance at the office, it’s even more so when your team is working remotely.

No-one disagrees with the benefits of employee engagement; they’re pretty well established now. However, the exact ways of building and improving employee engagement amongst remote teams (especially during times of […]

4 Ways to Harness the Benefits of Change within your Business

We know change can be frightening. It’s especially difficult when there’s little time to prepare your business and your people for change. As all businesses have experienced over the last couple of months, workspaces and places, organisational structures, and normal ways of leading and communicating have changed drastically. When a seismic shift like this happens abruptly, the entire business is affected, whether it’s a well-established powerhouse or a small startup. In our most recent study, we saw employee anxiety levels skyrocket by 240% compared to this time last year (2019), […]

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