5 Self-Care Tips for Leaders

“For leaders to take care of others, they must first take care of themselves” – unknown

Leaders, you don’t hear and acknowledge this enough: you possess so many admirable qualities and characteristics, but one that stands out, and which sets you apart from others, is your selflessness. It’s your selflessness that enables you to put the needs of your team before own, and to act in the best interests of your people and company goals and objectives – always! 

Most businesses would not survive if it weren’t for their leaders. Few […]

5 Unexpected Remote Working Habits that Promote Productivity

Although going into lockdown for a second time is frustrating, we’re (thankfully) all a little more prepared than we were the first time. The first lockdown was a real learning experience, and I’m sure you can attest to that as a leader. Working from home, leading from afar, and having to make things work in the most unusual and abnormal of circumstances was, I’m sure, a total first, but you can’t say you didn’t learn A LOT about yourself, your people, remote-working, employee emotions, productivity – the list goes on!

We at Inpulse have […]

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