5 Powerful Ways to Support your People this Blue Monday

Today is ‘Blue Monday’ in the UK, and since the day was ‘established’ in 2005, it is officially the Bluest Monday in Blue Monday history. (We need not support that statement; the word ‘pandemic’ is enough). 

The History of Blue Monday

Blue Monday was coined in 2005 by Dr Cliff Arnall who conducted academic research to pinpoint the most ‘depressing’ day for people in the UK – predominantly driven by the post-Christmas blues, cold weather and grey skies, waiting for pay-day and the breaking of New Year’s resolutions. 

Blue Monday 2021

But of course, this […]

How to Establish a Steadfast Employee Experience with a Hybrid Working Model

We’ve all heard the term ‘remote working’ – working outside of the office in a completely different location (i.e from home). But since regulations change frequently depending on tiers, we’re finding ourselves oscillating between working in-office and working remotely. ‘Hybrid’ working best defines this style of working, which we’re becoming more accustomed to as the weeks roll on. 

And, if the pandemic has indeed changed the world of work for good and businesses maintain this flexible arrangement, then we’ll be using the term ‘hybrid working’ indefinitely! 

With any new style of working, especially […]

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