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Insight-driven change

Raw data alone is not enough. Inpulse gives managers instant access to rich insights in a simple and easy-to-understand format, enabling them to respond quickly through conversations, agreeing on actions and making informed decisions.

  • Flexible Analysis to Identify Insights–  Filter, Aggregate, Compare
  • Create and Save Custom Populations

We are an engagement company – not just a survey company. This means we can provide insights that will enable you to take action and transform your business. With real-life stories and evidence from companies who have actually achieved their business transformation with the help of Inpulse and others who have increased commitment to the strategy. We don’t just measure engagement; we drive real change.

Platform reporting

Trending Dashboard

Tracking engagement across multiple surveys to identify shifts over time and to follow the emotional journey of employees. This allows you to gain employee performance analytics on top of their personal experiences within the company.

Personalised manager insights

Personalised insights for managers and their team

Managers can log in and view results for their area of the business immediately. You control which managers are given access to the employee engagement data analytics at each level of the hierarchy.

Comparing segments

Comparing segments within a survey to highlight areas of disengagement and concern, allowing for actions to be taken at a local level.

Unlimited segmentation

Admin users can view and dissect employee analytics across multiple segments. Results can be viewed at different levels of the hierarchy: e.g., team level, department level, company-wide level. Segmented results can be shared with the relevant stakeholders via Excel spreadsheet, or viewed online, which makes HR analytics employee engagement much easier, too.

Proprietary algorithm

Our algorithm goes through all of the free text responses for a question and identifies the most representative comments. This means you can distinguish the key themes at a glance without having to scroll through all of the comments to gain the full scope of employee engagement analytics. Not only does it do this for the overall population but also for each segment.