Revolutionising engagement using emotional analytics

Join 100s of companies and use emotional analytics to transform your culture, improve engagement and boost performance.


58% of job performance is driven by how people feel. Engaging with employee emotions is the key to growth in 2022.

Case Study: TI Media

‘We love the dynamic reporting of Inpulse - it’s effective and creative.’

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Case Study: Balfour Beatty

Balfour Beatty has upheld a long-standing partnership with Inpulse (2017–present) that has led to huge improvements in the employee experience and the wider organisation.

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We are more than just a platform, working with Inpulse is a partnership


75% of Inpulse is owned by our own employees. Our conviction is to put the employee at the heart of the business and focus on our clients’ needs, not shareholders.


Our approach values, respects and empowers every client we work with. Our experts support and guide you throughout your engagement journey.


Our survey platform provides all you need, while giving you what our competitors don’t – emotional analytics that tell you how your people feel and why.

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Lucie Colt, Engagement Specialist

What makes working with Inpulse different?

We show you how your people actually feel and how emotions are changing over time – a key element of the employee experience.

We help you identify the reasons why your people feel the way they do and the impact that has on their experience and how engaged they are.

We use natural language dashboards to show your manager the unique
insights for their team. No need for them to be a data scientist – we do the work for you!

Our algorithm creates real-time action plans tailored for each managers to address issues and improve engagement.

Most leaders believe engaging with employees is important, but less than a third take any action.

You can be different.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I start working with Inpulse?

Depending on your requirements, we can have you set up on our platform within 24 hours. Get in touch today to find out more

What makes the Inpulse platform different to other employee engagement companies?

We’re proud of our unique approach to helping you with employee engagement. Along with our market-leading survey platform, we provide a hands-on partnership approach where we work personally with you to help you improve.

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How can I use Emotional Analytics in my business?

Emotional analytics show how your people feel and why and no other engagement tool can provide these powerful insights. Emotions are the source, not the symptom, of the behaviours in our businesses. How we feel drives what we do and how we perform. 

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Can I see an example of a survey report and action plan?

Absolutely – watch our platform demo or book a 30-minute personalised demo to explore the Inpulse platform in detail.