The value of listening to your people to ensure the success of a digital transformation programme

An international supplier of specialist construction materials that operates in seven European markets has partnered with Inpulse since 2020. Throughout this partnership, the organisation has demonstrated an eagerness to improve its ways of working for the benefit of its colleagues, which has led to large improvements in the employee experience.

More recently, the efforts have been focused on a digital transformation programme, to improve its processes and systems, and the resulting collaboration of its workforce.

The Challenge

Since partnering with Inpulse, the organisation has made huge improvements at the strategic level to improve the employee experience. This has led to a significant rise in employee advocacy of the organisation (by 19 points; eNPS) and improvement of the vision and leadership of the organisation (by 69%).

However, a shift from a strategic to a more operational focus was required based on the results of their September 2022 survey, which highlighted issues around efficiency and processes and systems and the impact these were having on workload, stress, and general wellbeing. Work was already being undertaken through the digital transformation programme to improve these issues, therefore, it was important that these results were used to inform this transformation. 

Our Solution

So, Inpulse ran Precision, our AI- and data-powered programme to uncover the root of these issues and identify what key changes should be made (and where in the business) to have the greatest impact. 

This programme also enabled us to demonstrate how the changes would improve their teamwork and collaboration, thus providing the organisation with valuable insight and a compelling driver for change.

Following this programme, the company worked with the specific areas of the business to enact the key changes required to improve the identified issues.

The Outcome

As the Precision programme was carried out only recently, its impact on engagement has not yet been measured. However, the insights and feedback given have informed and supported the wider digital transformation to ensure it is having the desired effect and meeting the specific needs of its people.

Using the Inpulse survey and their Precision programme to pinpoint what action should be taken has been a game changer; it has given us the confidence that the time, effort and resources invested in these areas will greatly improve the collaboration and resulting engagement of our workforce.”

Head of People